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Membership Renewal

BAPCA members can now renew their membership online. just follow these two steps:

1 - Log-in into your member's account if you already have one (the box on the right, or here).

2 - Once logged in click here. If your account has already expired you will be taken to the repayment page and won't be able to access other benefits until you have paid.

If you want to renew your membership by chequepostal order or standing order you can still use the form above - and just click the box "I will send payment by cheque". To arrange one of these payment forms, please contact Di (Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm) on 01989 763863 or at [email protected].

The membership fees for 2013 are:

£50.00  - One year concessionary membership

£65.00 - One Year Individual Membership

£80.00 - One Year Joint Membership

£65.00 - One Year International Membership

£90.00 - One Year Institutional Membership

The options above are inclusive of all BAPCA Benefits.The 'Joint Membership' is applicable for 2 people at the same address and entitles all benefits but only one set of mailings and publications.BAPCA is devoted to the maintenance and development of the PCA through supporting several projects in the UK and abroad (for more details visit BAPCA in Action).

For us to keep this commitment and provide you with high quality benefits, we would like your support inviting you to consider the payment of the full-fee applicable to your membership category. However, we will be happy to hear from you if you are currently unable to afford it and would like information about concession fees. Contact Di on the details above to learn more about this option.

Help with renewing

It tells me my username or password are wrong

You must have entered in the wrong username or password. You can get a reminder of both of them.

I cannot remember my username

Click on the forgotten username link.

I cannot remember my password

Click on the forgotten password link.

I have tried to login, but the site gives me a 'Login Denied' error

Have you received your activation email and clicked the link in it activate your account? You need to do this to activate your account.

I did not receive an Activation Email

Please wait up to 15 minutes, and check your junk mail folder. This is the most common cause. If you still cannot find it, please contact us.

I have tried to login but I get a 'No User Account' error

This suggests you have not yet created a website account or you are using the wrong details to login. Please contact us.

When I try to login the site tells me that I have an 'Incomplete Membership' or my account is not connected to a Valid membership

This suggests you either don't have an active BAPCA membership or you used the wrong details. If you did use the correct email, please contact us and we will try to help.

I am stuck in a loop! When I try and register it tells me there is already an account, when I log in it tells me I have an Incomplete Membership.

This means that you have a website login account, but your membership payment has not gone through or your membership has expired. Please contact us and we will resolve the problems with your account.

My username/password reminder failed 'because a User with the specified e-mail address could not be found'

Either you don't have a website login account, or you used a different email address to create it. Try searching your mail folder to see if you received an email from info [@] bapca.org.uk welcoming you to the website. If not contact us and we will find your correct account.

The page has gone blank with error message 'Invalid Token'

This very occasionally happens if you have entered text on a form, left the page a long while (eg. to get a cup of tea) and then clicked submit. If this does happen, just click back on your browser and submit the form again. Contact us if you are concerned whether your details were recorded or this doesn't work.

If your question is not answered or you are still having problems - please contact us for support - we're always happy to help

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