BAPCA is becoming The Person Centred Association (TPCA). For more information, see here.

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Membership benefits

PCQNovember2006Person-Centred Quarterly (PCQ) Magazine

Each member of The Person Centred Association receives a free copy of the 'Person-Centred Quarterly'. This is a member's forum, open to all contributions from members. It is an unpredictable mix of theory, discussion, personal tales and adventures, reports and news.

Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapies (PCEP) Journal

The Person Centred Association members receive PCEP, the peer-reviewed journal of the WAPCEPC (World Association for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling). There are four editions of PCEP a year, containing cutting edge articles from across the world.  PCEP's stated aim is to create a dialogue among different parts of the person-centred and experiential tradition, and to support, inform and challenge each other. It is hoped that the articles in PCEP will stimulate creativity and have an impact in a broader professional, scientific and political context.  The mission of the journal is thus to encourage and disseminate worldwide, new work on Person-Centred and experiential therapies, including philosophy, theory, practice, training and research. 

The Directories of Association Members 
The Person Centred Association members are entitled to apply for the Directories of Person-Centred: 1. Practitioners; 2. Supervisors; 3. Trainers; 4. Students and Associate Members. More

Reduced fees to Person Centred Association Conferences and Events
The Person Centred Association members are entitled to a reduced fee to every Association Conference and event. From time to time we organise and supports Person-Centred conferences in the UK.

Reduced rates to advertise in PCQ and on our website 
The Person Centred Association members are entitled to reduced rates when advertising in PCQ (Association Magazine) and on our website. Click Ads for further info.

Commitment to the maintenance and development of the PCA
The Person Centred Association members can be proud of belonging to an association that has the values and principles of the PCA at its core and is strongly committed to the maintenance and development of the Approach. Click on The Person Centred Association in Action to learn more about our commitments.

Reduced membership fee to join the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (WAPCEPC) 
The Person Centred Association members are entitled to a reduced membership fee if they wish to join the WAPCEPC

Reduced membership fee to join the Division of Humanistic Psychology - Division 32 of APA
The Person Centred Association members are entitled to a reduced first year membership fee if they wish to join the Division of Humanistic Psychology (Division 32) of the American Psychological Association (APA). 

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What is the Person-Centred Approach?

The person-centred approach is based on the theory and philosophy of Dr Carl Rogers. It is a non-directive approach to being with another; that believes in the other's potential and ability to make the right choices for themself, regardless of the therapist's own values, beliefs and ideas.

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Find a Person-Centred Therapist

Use our directory to find a person-centred counsellor or psychotherapist.

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Join The Person Centred Association

The Person Centred Association (TPCA) is devoted to the maintenance and development of the Person-Centred Approach.

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