• Accountability Policy

Accountability Policy

Every BAPCA member who is also practising as a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist is required to be a member of an organisation with an enforceable code of ethics. Below are examples, but this is not an exhausive list:

BACP     UKCP     IPN     BPS     COSCA     IAPC 

BACP Accreditation

BAPCA has also been in discussion with BACP about the possibility of BAPCA members being embraced by the BACP Ethical Framework if BAPCA joined BACP as an organisational member. We received a reply from BACP (April 2011):

Dear Annie,

Thank you for contacting us at BACP, to ask if there is a way in which it would be possible for BAPCA to adopt BACP’s Ethical Framework, to include the Professional Conduct Procedure, so that it would be available to your organisation and membership.

I have consulted with colleagues in the Membership and Professional Conduct departments. Currently, BACP only requires a Member Organisation to abide by the Ethical Framework, and does not hold the organisation’s employees or volunteers accountable to BACP. Thus this membership category of itself would not allow BAPCA to regulate its members using BACP’s Ethical Framework and procedures.

However, I have been advised by the Membership Manager that BACP is looking to change its organisational membership structure and criteria to ensure it is fit for purpose and to eradicate some of the problems we currently experience with it. This project is still very much in the idea stage and will evolve as the regulation of our profession evolves later this year, but I will get back to you just as soon as we have made progress.

At present, the only way that BAPCA could have access to our Ethical code underpinned by the PCP, is by making sure that all your members join as individual members. I know that many of them are already, but I hope we can find a more elegant solution to this issue in future.

Kind regards,


Nancy Rowland
Director of Research, Policy and Professional Practice


A system for accountability for the future

BAPCA has now established a working group that are looking into the possibility of BAPCA setting up its own register for counselling/psychotherapy practitioner members. In addition to this, BAPCA has been in dialogue with the UKAHPP with respect to the adoption of their Codes of Ethics and Practice. Negotiations are ongoing and further information will be posted here as and when more news becomes available.

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BAPCA is devoted to the maintenance and development of the PCA.

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