Free Seminar Events

Dearing Building, Jubilee Campus
University of Nottingham

5.30 – 7.00 pm

18th October 2012 (Dearing A34)

"Treatments of choice for PTSD: is Trauma Focused CBT the only answer?"
Steve Regel – Principal Psychotherapist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Co-Director CTRG

1st November 2012 (Dearing A34)

"Working with survivors of multiple traumas"
Dr Thomas Schroder – Director for the Trent Clinical Psychology Doctorate and visiting therapist Centre for Trauma, Resilience and Growth

6th December 2012 (Dearing A34)

"Alcohol misuse and posttraumatic stress"
Dr Tanzeel Ansari – Consultant Psychiatrist Alcohol services, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and visiting therapist Centre for Trauma Resilience and Growth

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