Therapy with children and young people with Sarah

May 18, 2018 - May 18, 2018

376, Hale End Road, Highams Park, London, E4 9PB | £65

Therapy with children and young people with Sarah Mills – Friday, 18th May 2018 

Previously a secondary school and college teacher for about 15 years, Sarah is a person centred counsellor, working as a secondary school counsellor for nearly 10 years, and more recently working with this age group in private practice. She also supervises other counsellors who work in schools.  This day will allow participants to explore: 

  • BACP competencies for working with children and young people

  • Developmental issues and common concerns of young people

  • Child protection, safeguarding, risk assessment with this age group

  • The school system and the counsellor’s role

  • The importance of self-awareness and self-care when working with this age group

Please bring a picture of yourself as a teenager for an experiential exercise.


Phone - day
020 8531 9760
Jan Hawkins
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