Person-Centred Theory and Practice: Third of Four Seminars

March 02, 2019 - March 02, 2019

Letchworth Settlement, 229 Nevells Road, Letchworth Garden City, SGB 4UB [Plenty of parking and easy action to rail station] | £20-£30

Person-Centred Theory and Practice:  Third of Four Seminars

Facilitator: Ivan Ellingham, PhD 

There is nothing so practical as good theory. Kurt Lewin 

I believe that there is only one statement which can accurately apply to all theories from the theory I will present to the one which I hope will replace it in a decade—and that is that at the time of its formulation every theory contains an unknown (and perhaps at that point an unknowable) amount of error and mistaken inference. Unless we regard the discovery of truth as a closed and finished book, then there will be new discoveries which will contradict the best theories we can now construct. Carl Rogers 

These seminars provide the opportunity for person-centred practitioners (and others) to discuss, reflect upon and critique past and present formulations of person-centred theory in relation to individuals current working practice within the context of contemporary developments within the field of counselling/mental health. 

Each seminar will focus on a particular topic (usually group chosen) and involve some optional reading. The topic for the first seminar is:

How helpful is psychiatric diagnosis for the person-centred counsellor?Suggested reading: The Power Threat Meaning Framework, a publication produced by the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society, a work that advocates dispensing with ‘functional psychiatric diagnoses: ‘groupings of thoughts, feelings and behaviours for which no organic cause has been identified’, e.g., ‘schizophrenia, bipolar disorder’.

[The Power Threat Meaning Framework is ‘presented in two forms: a longer, more detailed version, known as the main publication (available from; and…shorter document, known as the overview publication (available from also available in printed format…email [email protected] to request a copy.]

Dates: 2nd March 2019; 11th May 2019.

Time: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm.

Venue: Letchworth Settlement, 229 Nevells Road, Letchworth Garden City, SGB 4UB [Plenty of parking and easy action to rail station]


TPCA members:   £60 for all four seminars; £20 per individual seminar             

Non-TPCA members: £100 for all four seminars; £30 per individual seminar

[Membership of TPCA (The Person-Centred Association) is free to counselling students, and £35 to qualified counsellors)]

Ivan Ellingham
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