Person Centred Couples Training

June 14, 2018 - June 30, 2018

72 - 74 High Street The Oak Room The Cock Hotel Stony Stratford | £510-£565

Course Aims.

To train experienced counsellors and psychologists to confidently contract to offer Person Centred couples counselling. This is an important area of training which is constantly in demand from EAP's and couples themselves. A counsellor spending her/his training budget in this area is therefore likely to enjoy good returns on investment. This training is unashamedly person-centred, which means that it will use person-centred theory as its primary reference point. There is very little theoretical writing, which is exclusively person-centred, on this subject. What writing and teaching there is, even by person-centred authors tends to place more reliance on other theories, particularly systemic, than we are comfortable with.

Course Objectives

To give counsellors a solid grounding in person centred couples work this course will explore and explain:

Which clients are suitable.

Contracting with new clients.

Introducing the first session.

When to see individuals on their own - and when not to!

Understanding how the six therapeutic conditions are applied to couples.

Duration and frequency of sessions.

Confidentiality - is it more complicated with couples?

Developing Person Centred theory with couples. Why did Rogers say so little about it?

The role and importance of Asperger's syndrome in couple work.

Sex and related issues

Couples arguing in the room.

Multidirectional partiality.

The concept of "coupleness" Role-plays.


What can go wrong.

Awareness of our part in the relationship with the couple.

Course material

Extensive course material will be provided to each attendee by email or Dropbox.


Phone - mobile
Phone or email Kate for details: 07831 595 215, [email protected], or go to website
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