Fifth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare (ESPCH5)

December 06, 2018 - December 07, 2018

Conference Suite. Paragon House, Brentford Campus, University of West London, UK | £75 - £250

The President and Council of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare are delighted to release the Final Announcement for the Fifth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare (ESPCH5). 

Academic Programme

ESPCH5 brings together a range of distinguished speakers and chairpersons from across the globe, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark, and, in the United Kingdom, colleagues from the University of Oxford, University of West London, University of Kent, St. Mary’s University, University of Plymouth, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Warwick and King’s College and St. George’s, University of London. 

Over the intensive two days of ESPCH5, some 31 presentations will be delivered across 9 academic sessions, spanning a wide range of areas of study of immediate relevance to the development and implementation of person-centred approaches within health and social care systems. Debates will take place as part of extended panel discussions, each of which includes a specific panel discussant in addition to the session presenters, and session chairpersons. Full conference delegate participation in these discussion fora has always been a key characteristic of the Society’s annual meetings, and vigorous contributions to ESPCH5 are enthusiastically welcomed from all those who will join us for this year’s annual event. The fully illustrated Conference Brochure, available to delegates on Day One of ESPCH5, will contain detailed Abstracts of the individual conference presentations, together with speaker, chairperson and panel discussant biographies, and relevant contact details, in order to enable delegates to continue conversations and build ongoing relationships with the Faculty of this year’s Conference. 

2018 ESPCH Awards Ceremony & Reception 

Following the conclusion of Day One of ESPCH5, the Society will hold its 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony, at which the President and Chairman of Council of the Society, Professor Sir Jonathan Elliott Asbridge DSc (hc) DHSc (hc), will confer the Presidential Medal, the Senior Vice-Presidential Medal, the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of the Society, the Book Prize and the Essay Prize, the Society’s prizes for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, and the Young Teacher and Young Researcher prizes. The Society is honoured to recognise the indefatigable efforts of this year’s medal and prize winners, in their relentless work to ensure that our ever-increasing scientific knowledge base is properly contextualised – which is to say, applied within humanistic framework of care that treats patients not as subjects or objects or complex biological machines, but rather as persons. 

Who should attend?

Clinical and academic medical staff of all specialties and grades of seniority, Deans and Associate/Assistant Deans of Undergraduate Medical Education and Postgraduate Medical Training, Specialist Nurses and Nurse Educators at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social work professionals, academics in the philosophy of science and medicine, health policy academics, government policymakers, patients and carers, members of the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industry, chief executive officers and medical directors of patient advocacy and charities. Post-graduate students of medicine and healthcare are welcomed to attend at a special reduced registration fee. 


All enquiries in relation to the administrative aspects of the conference should be made to Dr Vivian Mounir [[email protected]]. Enquiries of an academic or clinical nature should be made to Professor Andrew Miles [[email protected]]. Sponsorship and advertising enquires in relation to ESPCH5 may be made to Mr. Andrew Williamson, ESPCH Director of Finance and Operations at [[email protected]]. 


 Vivian Mounir
Andrew Miles
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