BAPCA is becoming The Person Centred Association (TPCA). For more information, see here.

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Seeking new trustees

New Trustees Sought

The Person Centred Association is seeking new applicants to replace trustees coming to the end of their appointed constitutional term.

Initially new appointees will engage as co-opted members and elections will then be held at the August AGM for those wishing to continue.  Persons are sought who are willing to engage in TPCA initiatives – this requires that you:  meet face to face once a quarter (out of pocket expenses are met by TPCA);  have short Skype meetings with other trustees once a month; learn how to take part in helping to organise TPCA events; take part in the running of TPCA. 

You should also note that as a Trustee you will be entitled to claim CPD accreditation of 10 hours per quarter, and that you will almost certainly continue to experience personal growth and learning. 

If you or someone you know would consider becoming a Trustee please send an expression of interest (to [email protected]  ) highlighting any special areas of interest you have, for example organising events, finance, publicity … 

Finally, you should note that age, fame or ‘long-standing’ are NOT requirements – young and / or new members are particularly sought. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon 

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