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The AGM and getting to it

Hi all, 

As you may know, we have arranged for the AGM (which would have been part of the conference and is now a standalone event at Harper dams University) to be part of a wider day of community, with the possibility of staying over on Friday and Saturday night. We are trying to make this as accessible as possible, so that people don't have to do the whole thing on one day (which can be exhausting). This AGM is important to us all (not just the trustees) and we would like as many people as possible to be involved. Often people feel that things happen as a result of the AGM, which, when not attached to a conference, is not always well-attended. This is our attempt to try and change this.

Whether this is your first AGM or your 30th, or whether you have been a member one day (hello newest member!) or since the beginning, you are welcome to come. You do not need to be a member to attend. The person-centered approach is wider than BAPCA, and new and old voices are always welcome.

We have introduced a liftshare. So far people have offered lifts from places such as London, Milton Keynes and Nottingham, and there are other people who would like lifts from South london and further north. This means there are several people coming through the midlands, so it should be possible to arrange lifts for midlands people without too much issue, even if there are more difficulties for those outside of the midlands. BUT - the more people who offer, the more we can help. Please have a think about whether you could car share. Positives include the possibility of arranging to split petrol costs, and a lovely car-sharer for your journey, plus a good feeling that you've helped someone else to attend where they couldn't otherwise! You don't need to be a BAPCA member to take part in the liftshare. All welcome :)

Please click the link to put your name down. LJ is co-ordinating, and if a lift-wanter matches the lift-giver, they will email the lift-giver to check they are ok to give a lift to that person. You can let LJ know that the lift-wanter is a mortal enemy at that point should you wish, and LJ will attempt to find that person a new lift (and will not share this). I understand that people want to be comfortable in their cars, and in other people's cars and it's not my intent to foster a difficult atmosphere. On the other hand, should you feel this might be the perfect way to 'hash things out', well- please feel free to accept that person and make arrangements with them.

If you have any queries, email LJ and they will answer anything they can

Community Day


Saturday 19th August

This will take place at Harper Adams University (HAU), lunch and refreshments will be provided.

For those wishing to travel the night before B&B accommodation has been reserved at HAU for Friday and/or Saturday nights (£54 per person per night) – the whole day has been booked at HAU, so that there will be plenty of time for encounter and debate.  

Please book directly with the office at HAU: tel. 01952 815324; email: [email protected]

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