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Coventry encounter day

BAPCA are pleased to announce their second regional encounter group on 30th September.

It will be hosted at Coventry again (if you would like us to host one in an area near to you and can suggest a suitable location, please email LJ with your suggestions. They will be glad to look into other locations across the UK). 

The first encounter group was held in February, with a mixure of counsellors, trainees, and people who are person-centered or interested in the approach but who are not working in counselling. We had a mixture of BAPCA members and non-members there, and the day was a delight. Several of us found it very moving to be part of.

Some comments from those who came:

"I was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming everyone was; not just our host LJ, but other folks who had been to these days before. The atmosphere was informal - there was no agenda - but the conversation just flowed. The level of sharing made me feel as though more than a few of us found it incredibly valuable. Emotional at times, which goes to show the depth at which we were able to share. Not a bad achievement for a single day! It's not a therapy session of course, but there were some insights which gave me real clarity on things and I felt lifted as I walked to the train station."

"Each attendee was open to discuss and to express their past and present feelings, which opened deeper emotions in the room. I felt very much accepted as a black Caribbean woman and not restricted to be myself. Even if before the encounter session started, I connected with some of the attendees, which made me realised how powerful the group was, and the trust was establish to open up."

"Nevertheless, I felt sad when saying ‘”goodbye” to them all, as it felt like a special reunion convention, and I may not going to see them for a very long time. ‘Amazing’ was the word I have used before, I can confirm that the time I’ve had was ‘fabulous’, and I did not want it to end. I would like to share something with trainees like me, and this could also help an anxious person coming to attend those events: “Be yourself, and you are going to be ok”.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn, to grow in the process of finding yourself." 

If this is of interest and you would like to attend, please click this link to sign up and/or get more information, or email LJ with your questions. We have a number of bursaries available for both BAPCA members and non-members, with no special conditions to fill (you just have to ask for it!)

I hope that we can make the second Coventry encounter better than the first (and that was pretty good!)

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