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Save the date for ADPCA 2017


We are excited to announce that the annual meeting of the ADPCA will be held at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) from 7 p.m. on Wednesday July 19th through noon on Sunday, July 23rd 2017.   There will be a free pre-conference workshop convened by Marge Witty on Wednesday 7/19 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (with 1.5 hour lunch break).  Dorm and meeting rooms are all located in the UIC Student Center East, 700 South Halsted Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607.  Chicago Counseling Associates has applied to offer continuing education credits for psychologists, social workers and counselors.

As in the past, we hope to assist as many as possible for whom conference costs are a barrier. We hope to maintain and vivify the multi-national collaboration that the person-centered approach has long valued. We encourage early registration to help us in planning for scholarships. Registration forms and additional information will be posted on the ADPCA website and sent through the list serves within the next couple of weeks.

We also invite all interested persons to submit ideas for presentations. We would appreciate your initial thoughts as soon as possible, and ask for a working title and proposal by March 31, 2017 so that we can begin compiling the conference program. Whether you wish to offer a formal paper or gather an informal conversation, please send your ideas by email to [email protected]

Conference costs include:

Registration:   $250 USD by check until March 31, 2017, $300 USD beginning April 1, 2017 Add U.S. $10. USD if paying by Paypal

Room:                  $41 USD per person per night in a single occupancy dormitory room $32 USD per person per night, in a double occupancy room

Board:                  Coffee, tea, and rolls will be served each morning in the main conference room. There are also a number of fast food restaurants located within the student center. UIC is located adjacent to Chicago’s famous Little Italy neighborhood that offers a number of great restaurants (all price ranges) within a short walking distance. 

The University’s cafeteria plan may also be available to us as well. Details to follow.

Please feel free to send any questions to [email protected]

We extend a warm welcome to members, friends and colleagues, and look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago next July!

Best Regards,

Susan Pildes, Carolyn Schneider, Tracy Youngblood and the Chicago Conference Committee

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Encounter days

Dear all,

In exciting news, we wanted to share with you a new venture we've started! As you might have guessed from the header, from 2017, BAPCA is going to be holding a series of encounter days. These will be marginally hosted by any local groups who wish to take part (I've approached most of the local groups and have heard back positively from some and waiting to hear from others). What this means is that those groups who say yes will hopefully tell me of organisations in the local area who might let us use their building for a day, and be on hand to point us in the direction of local shops/amenities etc. We're not asking anything onerous (we hope!) and a trustee (CG) member will be on hand to help out (unless otherwise organised in advance with the local group).

So: details.


We have not yet formalised costs, and due to the differing prices that each venue across the country is likely to charge, each encounter is possibly going to cost a differing amount. But we think that taking the Coventry event as a marker for example: For BAPCA members, the cost would be £20. For non-members it would be £40. You can pay in advance by calling Di our administrator on 01600 891508 m/w/f 9-3, or you can pay on the day. Paying in advance would help us to know how many people we can expect, but you can also email LJ to update them, whether or not you've paid. As a side note - as a student, if you attend three meetings per year, it would be cheaper to join as a member, and if you're a full paying member, this becomes cheaper on the fourth event. You can also join on the day for the membership discount.

We recognise that for some people, cost+travel would be prohibitive. As a result of this, there will be a small number of grants available per event, available to both members and non-members. They will be up to a maximum of £100, and will account for a maximum 90% of the travel cost, whichever is smaller.

So: if you are a non-member who would like to come, the cost is £40.

Your entry cost is £40. If your travel costs £60, your total cost would be £100. You would receive the grant towards the full price of the attendance (£40) and 90% of the £60 (£54). This would mean your grant would be £94 leaving you to pay £6.

If you wanted a grant as a non-member and your travel cost was £10, you would receive the £40 attendance and £9 towards your travel, making your grant £49 leaving you to pay £1.

If your entry cost is £40 and you wanted to come and your travel cost was £200, you would receive £40 for attendance and £60 for travel, giving you £100 in total leaving you to pay £140.

If you live locally or do not need to pay travel fees, you grant would mean you did not have to pay.

If the events work well, it may be that we can change this arrangement to allow for more grants per event. If you'd like to come and would like to be considered for a grant, please email LJ on the link below.



So far three local groups have replied with a yes:

  • Coventry
  • Solihull
  • Liverpool (Liverpool are not (maybe not YET) a BAPCA local group, but they have expressed an interest in being part of this)

Dates and times:

The only concrete date we have in the diary currently is 25th February from 10.30-4.30 in Coventry at the Friends meeting house. The building will be open from 10am. The venue is 0.7 miles from the rail station, and several (7!) buses run from the rail station to the bottom of the road the meeting house is on (and cost £1). There is limited parking at the venue, but on-street paid parking and a multi-storey car park near by.

We will provide a range of teas, coffee and cold drinks (and maybe a biscuit or two), and we ask that you bring your own lunch, either just for you, or as a bring and share. As a bring-and-share, please make sure it's clearly labelled.

If you have any questions please email LJ

Stand by for updates from Solihull and Liverpool, and from other local groups! 



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Keeping up with the blog

Keeping up with BAPCA/Keeping you up to date.

Hi everyone,

Many people in response to the survey (please see PCQ for a much fuller response to your comments), said they wanted to be kept more up to date with BAPCA movements and changes, and suggested that the blog was one way to do that. We agree with you, and so this blog will now be updated on a regular basis. However, we wanted to make sure that people knew about how to keep updated with the blog, otherwise the point is defeated.

Today's blog is just a quick one to talk about ways in which you can follow the blog.

Some of you will know what RSS is, which is great - just add us to your feeder and you're good to go. For those who don't, RSS feeders are programs that you can download to your computer or smart device, that send new content to it. So, you could sign up to lots of different sites' RSS feeds and when those sites have something new to say - new blog posts usually, those new posts arrive in your reader for you to read at your leisure. There is a website here that aims to explain RSS readers in more depth for those of you who want to know. For those who don't want the large amounts of information, but who do feel it might be useful, you can download any number of free RSS readers for your phones and computers. I'm not going to suggest any on in particular - what suits me well won't suit you. But if you type 'free RSS reader' in to your preferred search box (app or website) you'll get several.

There is a website here that discusses some of the better free and paid for readers

If you use Internet explorer 7 or Microsoft outlook 2007 you can see instructions here, but if you use other programs you can search for that name and RSS. Eudora has plugins that you can download and subscribe to the RSS feed through, for example.

We hope eventually to be able to just let you press a button to sign up by email, but that may take a few weeks. Before that, visit this link, enter in to the first box, your email in to the second box, choose 'realtime' and click 'Feed Me'. You only need to do this once, and it will send all blog posts to your email from then on. Thank you to Paul Colley for making me aware of this!

I hope that between some of these ways of keeping up with us, you will find something that works for you!



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BAPCA Conference

Conference theme announced!

Hi all,


following on from this month's trustee meeting, the theme for the next conference has been proposed and accepted. It will be 'love, judgement and healing in relationship'. A facebook event has been created over on our page here. Please make sure you've 'liked' us (or followed us on twitter to make sure you get any updates. Updates will be posted to facebook and to the blog, and will be linked to from the twitter account also, so hopefully, whichever way you follow us, you'll get to be one of the first to learn what's happening.

We're very excited about the plan's for this year's conference. Give us a shout out if you're planning on coming, and/or if you'd like to present a workshop etc. We'd love to be able to share that with everyone!


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BAPCA AGM 20th August 2016

Dear Member

The BAPCA CG looks forward to seeing you at the forthcoming AGM, on Saturday 20th August 2016, at Loughborough University. The day starts at 10.30am, with time to have tea/coffee and check in before the AGM. There will also be an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to consider and vote on the BAPCA constitution, which has been re-drafted in alignment with the Charity Commission’s model constitution for a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

The AGM takes place in room YY001, in the John Cooper Building, Towers Way, LE11 3TT. Marc Gibson is the contact for this event; he can be contacted on: 07727 603075.

Please read, and print out any of the attached documents you wish to bring with you to the AGM. The documents will also be posted on the Member’s section of the BAPCA website.

Proxy vote forms* and postal votes can be posted to:

Sara Callen, BAPCA Secretary, 7 Albert Terrace, Buckhurst Hill, IG9 6DU. Please mark your envelope ‘Postal vote’, so that it will not be opened until the election at the AGM.

Proxy forms can be emailed instead, to: [email protected]

Further Releveant Documents can be found HERE

BAPCA AGM Aug 2016


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Competition time!

Dear readers,

Several of you are connected with colleges and universities that teach budding counsellors and psychotherapists, so the CG would like to take the opportunity to mention its rst annual membership competition to you!

We would love to see more trainees and students who are interested in the person-centred approach join BAPCA and take advantage of the bene ts that BAPCA offers (including the issues of PCEP - that are likely to be used as references for assignments - to a reduced fee at the BAPCA conference to experience a weekend in a person- centred environment).

To this end, we have created a competition, to go out to as many counselling training institutions in the UK as possible. The prize

will be a year’s membership of BAPCA, and also the publication, in a special edition of PCQ, of the winning essays. This will potentially give students their rst publication, and a way to experience BAPCA, without needing to spend money, of which they often don’t have much.

The competition prizes are open to anyone who is NOT an existing member of BAPCA, as part of the aim is to generate NEW membership, but any students are welcome to enter an essay, and have it potentially published.

The competition:

1000-1500 words about ‘what the person- centred approach means to me’. This can be about your personal identity and how this meshes with the approach; about what speci c parts of the approach speak to you; about your struggles with the approach and why you’re still sticking with it; about how you see the approach working with clients, or in your lives more generally – the oor is yours!

Please reference your essays using your standard institution format.

The prizes:

• Three memberships for the best three assignments.

• Three half price memberships for the next three runners up

• All of these will then allow the winners to attend the 2017 conference at reduced price, and members are also entitled to apply for conference bursary places.

• Your essay will be published in a special edition of the PCQ magazine.


Must not already be members of BAPCA because to qualify for the membership is part of the prize, but anyone who enters is eligible to have their essay published.


Judges will be some of the members of the CG, although we’d also like to invite applications from our talented membership who might like to take part as judges.

Closing date:

The closing date is November 21st. Judges then expect to take 6 weeks to work through entries received, with winners announced at the start of 2017, and memberships starting in February, with the special edition of PCQ containing their entries scheduled for Spring 2017.

Please, push this announcement out to anyone you know who is training and might be interested – we would love to see as many people as we can engage with this.

Please send entries to: [email protected]


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Fundraising initiative - Please help

As you will know, from reading PCQ, we are beginning a fundraising initiative to raise money towards a bursary fund, aiming to provide those, who would not otherwise be able to afford it, a low-cost membership fee and a low-cost place on the BAPCA conference in 2017 – and in the future.

Following a suggestion from a member, we have registered BAPCA with Thames Path Challenge as a charity for which you can register to walk/run the Thames Path Challenge. We currently have members signed up, who will be walking the 50km route from Putney Bridge to Runnymede, with a start time of between 9am and 11am on 10/09/2016.

The 50km is the ‘Half Challenge’ option. It has an estimated completion time of between 9 and 14 hours. You can choose a time to start the walk – although, so far, we are planning to start between 9-11am (you choose the time when you register). The walk is split into two stages, with a main rest point after 25km, where you can either buy or eat your lunch. There is a free hot meal at the end, and free snacks and drinks at both mid-point rests and the main stop.

Each walker pays £49 to register, and commits to raising £250 for BAPCA...

Are you up for it? If so, go to and click on the ‘Click here to sign up online now’ button. When you get to the charities list, scroll right down to the bottom and click on ‘charity not listed’ – BAPCA is actually registered with them, but they still have not updated their website to acknowledge this. Then type in BAPCA and charity contact name as: Claire Thomas, [email protected]. Your registration will be processed with no problem. We are hoping you can join us, and we can have a great BAPCA community, all walking together!

Once I receive your registration (from Thames Path people), I will send you out a sponsor form.

If you don’t feel able to join us, then please support those who do – email me at [email protected] for more information. We now have a mydonate BAPCA account, where you can make donations online;

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PCCS Books, PC Union & mini festival!

A blog post to highlight a few loose ends that may be of use to people:

1. Think about joining the Psychotherapy & Counselling Union "standing up for therapists and therapy" - - 

2. Have a look through PCCS Books full catalogue here -

3. Interested in a Person-centred mini festival? Have a look at Diane House's post:

Would love to start a Humanistic person centred mini festival camping speakers hands on and music art experiential tents...
As I notice lots of pc humanistic meets are very pricey and out of reach for students and those on a budget . Any ideas please post to [email protected] to organise a meet up to discuss this at the start of next academic year current students and non students welcome .

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Do consider offering a workshop/paper/presentation at the Embodying Social Justice conference on Fri 10th -Sat 11th June, in exchange for a free place at the conference - both days! 

More details in the attached  'ESJ Poster & updated Call for Papers'.

Whether you offer a workshop or not, this conference is great value at £125 for 2 days,  including lunch and evening meal and social tango in the evening on Friday, and lunch on Saturday.

Key-note speakers:  Carmen Joanne Ablack

                                 Susie Orbach

Panel members:  Keon West, Roz Carroll, Jonathan Wyatt, Beatrice Allegranti and Mick Cooper

Plus, of course, a cornucopia of fascinating workshops/presentations and at least one film.

And we'll be starting each day with a moving meditation....a conference not to be missed!

Draft schedule also attached.

To book your place click the link below

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