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Don't be afraid of using university repositories. Academics often put 'post print' versions of their papers in their university repository and these are referenced in the same way as the printed version. For an example, have a look at Open University's repository or many of Mick Cooper's papers (listed below) are from his repository.
Finally, as long is the author is still alive, if you see a citation for a paper you'd really like to read but can't find online, don't be afraid to email the author and ask for a copy. Authors want their work to be read and are generally happy to share. The worst response you will usually get is no response. I recently emailed an author for a copy of their paper that was on my essential reading list, and they came back with that, and another paper that they felt I might find interesting (i did!).
Carl Rogers  The development of insight in a counselling relationship  1944  Journal of Consulting Psychology  
Arthur Bohart  Can you be integrative and a person-centered therapist at the same time?  2012  Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 
Barry Grant  Principled and instrumental non-directiveness in client-centered and person-centered therapy  1990  Person-centred review 
Barbara Temaner Brodley  Some observations of Carl Rogers' behaviour in therapy interviews  1994  The person-centred journal 
Brian Thorne  Person-centered Therapy  2007  Chapter: Handbook of individual therapy 
Cecil Patterson  A behavioural view of the therapeutic relationship  1985  Chapter: The therapeutic relationship 
Carl Rogers  Accurate empathic understanding  n.d.  no info 
Peter Schmid  Acknowledgement: The art of responding. Dialogical and Ethical Perspectives on the Challenge of Unconditional Relationships in Therapy and Beyond  2002  Book chapter: Unconditional positive regard 
Isabel Gibbard; Terry Hanley  A five-year evaluation of the effectiveness of person-centred counselling in routine clinical practice in primary care  2008  Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 
Carl Rogers  An experiment in Christian Internationalism  1922  The Intercollegian (YMCA)  
Roger Casemore  An Overview of the Person-Centred Approach to Counselling and to Life  2011  Chapter: Person-Centred Counselling in a Nutshell 
Carl Rogers  A Silent Young Man  1967  Book chapter: The Therapeutic Relationship With Schizophrenics 
Roseanne Knox; Mick Cooper  A state of readiness: an exploration of the client’s role in meeting at relational depth  2010  Journal of Humanistic Psychology 
Carl Rogers  A Tentative Formulation of A General Law of Interpersonal Relationships   1957  Book chapter: On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy 
Cecil Patterson  A unitary view of motivation and its counselling applications  1964  Journal of individual psychology 
Cecil Patterson  A universal system of psychotherapy  1995  The Person-Centred Journal 
Peter Schmid  Authenticity: the Person as His or Her Own Author. Dialogical and Ethical Perspectives on Therapy as an Encounter Relationship. And Beyond  2001  Book chapter: Congruence 
Various  back issues from 2010. not indexed  n.d.  The Person-Centered Journal 
Peter Schmid  Back to the Client: A phenomenological approach to the process of understanding and diagnosis  2004  Person centred and experiential psychotherapies 
Carl Rogers; F.J. Roethlisberger  Barriers and gateways to communication  1952  Harvard Business Review 
Carl Rogers  Becoming a Person   1954  Book chapter: Oberlin College Nellie Heldt Lecture Series 
Cecil Patterson  Carl Rogers and Humanistic Education  1977  Chapter: Foundations for a theory of instruction and educational psychology 
Howard Kirschenbaum  Carl Rogers's Life and Work: An Assessment on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth  2004  Journal of Counseling and Development : 
Carl Rogers  Client-Centred Therapy  1967  Book chapter: The Therapeutic Relationship With Schizophrenics 
Corinne Hoener; William B. Stiles; Barbara J. Luka; Richard A. Gordon  Client experiences of agency in therapy  2012  Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 
Peter Schmid  Comprehension: The art of not knowing. Dialogical and ethical perspectives on empathy as dialogue in personal and person-centred relationships  2001  Book Chapter: Empathy 
Gillian Proctor  Disordered Boundaries? A Critique of 'Borderline Personality Disorder'  2007  Chapter: Beyond Fear and Control - Working with Young People who Self-Harm 
William Stiles; Michael Barkham; Elspeth Twigg; John Mellor-Clark; Mick Cooper  Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural, person-centred and psychodynamic therapies as practised in UK National Health Service settings (downloads a doc file)  2006  Psychological Medicine 
Carl Rogers  Empathic: An Unappreciated Way of Being  1975  The Counseling Psychologist  
Peter Schmid  Encountering a human being means being kept awake by an enigma  2001  Book chapter: Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy 
Peter Schmid  Facilitative responsiveness: nondirectiveness from an anthropological, epistemological and ethical perspectives   2005  Book chapter: Embracing Non-directivity: reassessing person-centered theory and practice in the 21st century 
Carl Rogers  Freedom and committment (link is the address given, which was later published)  1963  The Humanist  
Virginia Moreira  From person-centered to humanistic-phenomenological psychotherapy: The contribution of Merleau-Ponty to Carl Rogers's thought  2012  Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 
Gillian Proctor  Gender Dynamics in Person-Centered Therapy Does Gender Matter?  2008  Person centred & experiential psychotherapies 
Carl Rogers  Gloria: a historical note  1984  Book chapter: Client-Centered Therapy and the Person-Centered Approach: New Directions in Theory, Research, and Practice 
Wendy Traynor; Robert Elliott; Mick Cooper  Helpful factors and outcomes in person-centered therapy with clients who experience psychotic processes: therapists’ perspectives  2011  Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 
Mick Cooper  ’I-I’ and ’I-me’: Transposing Buber’s interpersonal attitudes to the intrapersonal plane  2003  Journal of Constructivist Psychology 
Carl Rogers  Measuring the Self and Its Changes: A Forward Step in Research  n.d.  none given 
Peter Schmid  New men? — A new image of man? Person-centred challenges to gender dialogue  2004  Book chapter: Encountering Feminism: Intersections between feminism and the person-centred approach 
Natalie Rogers; Keith Tudor; Louise Embleton Tudor; Keemar Keemar  Person-centered expressive arts therapy: A theoretical encounter  2012  Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 
Peter Schmid  Presence: Im-media-te co-experiencing and co-responding. Phenomenological, dialogical and ethical perspectives on contact and perception in person-centred therapy and beyond  2002  Book chapter: Contact and perception 
Carl Rogers  Questions I Would Ask Myself If I Were a Teacher  1974  Education 
Carl Rogers  Reflections of feelings  1986  Person-Centered Review  
Sue Wilders  Relational depth and the person-centred approach  2006  Person-Centred Quarterly 
Carl Rogers  Significant Aspects of Client-Centered Therapy  1946  American Psychologist 
Carl Rogers  Some learnings from a study of psychotherapy with schizophrenics  1962  Pennsylvania Psychiatric Quarterly  
Carl Rogers  Some Observations on the Organization of Personality  1947  American Psychologist 
Carl Rogers  Some Unanswered Questions  1981  Journey 
Paula Hamilton; Katherine Wilkinson; Linda Meadows  The answers are within me. An evaluation of a person centred counselling service for men at HMP Doncaster who have had experience of domestic violence 2005-2007  2008  Report 
Carl Rogers  The Basic Conditions of the Facilitative Therapeutic Relationship (scroll down a couple of pages)  2007  Chapter: The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling 
Mick Cooper  The challenge of counselling and psychotherapy research  2010  Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 
Carl Rogers  The characteristics of a helping relationship  1958  Personnel and Guidance Journal  
Peter Schmid  The Characteristics of a Person-Centered Approach to Therapy and Counseling: Criteria for identity and coherence  2003  Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 
Carl Rogers  The Foundations of the Person-Centred Approach  1979  Education  
Mick Cooper  The inter-experiential field: Perceptions and metaperceptions in personcentered and experiential psychotherapy  2005  Person centred and experiential psychotherapies 
Carl Rogers  The Interpersonal Relationship: The Core of Guidance  1962  Harvard Educational Review 
Carl Rogers  The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change  1957  Journal of Consulting Psychology 
Carl Rogers  The nondirective method as a technique for social research (create free account to read online)  1945  American Journal of Sociology  
Mick Cooper  Therapists’ experiences of relational depth: a qualitative interview study  2005  Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 
Carl Rogers; Bill Kell; Helen McNeil  The Role of Self-Understanding in the Prediction of Behavior  1948  Journal of Consulting Psychology 
Carl Rogers; Charles Truax  The therapeutic conditions antecedent to change: A theoretical view  1967  The therapeutic relationship and its impact 
Howard Kirschenbaum  What is “person-centered”? A posthumous conversation with Carl Rogers on the development of the person-centered approach  2012  Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 
Cecil Patterson  Values in counselling and psychotherapy  1989  Counselling and values 
Carl Rogers  Toward becoming a fully functioning person  1962  Book chapter: Perceiving, Behaving, Becoming, 1962 Yearbook 
Carl Rogers  Toward a Modern Approach to Values: The Valuing Process in the Mature Person  1964  Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology  
Francis Gatongi  Person-centred approach in schools: Is it the answer to disruptive behaviour in our classrooms?  2007  Counselling Psychology Quarterly 
Mick Cooper  Person-centred therapy: the growing edge (downloads pdf)  2007  Therapy Today 
Aisha Salman Al-Thani   An Islamic Modification of the Person-Centered Counseling Approach  2011  Report 
Stephen Joseph  Client-centered psychotherapy: why the client knows best  2003  The psychologist 
Stephen Joseph  Person-centred coaching psychology: A meta-theoretical perspective  2006  International Coaching Psychology Review 
Stephanos Vassilopoulos; Andreas Brouzos  (downloads pdf) a pilot person-centred group counselling for university students  2012  Hellenic Journal of Psychology 
Suzanne Freeman  C.H. Patterson on client-centered career counselling - an interview  1990  Career Development Quarterly 
Cecil Patterson  Divergence and Convergence in Psychotherapy  1967  American Journal of Psychotherapy 
Cecil Patterson  Empathic Understanding  1985  Chapter: The therapeutic relationship 
Cecil Patterson  Empathy, warmness and genuineness in psychotherapy  1984  Psychotherapy 
Cecil Patterson  Involuntary clients - a person-centred review  1990  Person-centred review 
Cecil Patterson  Is psychotherapy dependent on diagnosis?  1948  The American Psychologist 
Cecil Patterson  On being client-centred  1990  Person-centered review 
Cecil Patterson  On being non-directive  2000  Understanding psychotherapy: 50 years of client-centered theory and practice 
Cecil Patterson  Resistance in psychotherapy: a person-centered view  2000  chapter: Understanding psychotherapy: 50 years of client-centered therapy and practice 
Cecil Patterson  Respect (unconditional positive regard)  1985  Chapter: The therapeutic relationship 
Cecil Patterson; Edward Watkins  Some essentials of a client-centred approach to assessement  1982  Measurement and evaluation in guidance 
Cecil Patterson  Therapeutic genuineness  1985  Chapter: The therapeutic relationship 
Cecil Patterson  Therapist self-disclosure  1985  Chapter: The therapeutic relationship 
Jane Myers; Darryl Hyers  The philosophy and practice of client-centered therapy with older individuals: an interview with cecil Patterson  1994  The person-centered journal 
Kathleen McGuire-Bouwman  FOCUSING THERAPY: Theory, Research, Practice, and Training  1996  The Folio: A Journal For Focusing and Experiential Therapy 
Rebecca Burwell; Charles Chen  Applying the principles and techniques of solution-focused therapy to career counselling  2006  Counselling Psychology Quarterly 
Peter Afford  Reflections on Being (Some Sort of) a ‘Focusing-Oriented’ Therapist  2005  Self and Society 
Eugine Gendlin  The derivation of space  2013  Chapter: Exploring the work of Edward S. Casey: Giving voice to place, memory, and imagination 
Eugene Gendlin  Foreword to 'Rogers the quiet revolutionary'  2002  Chapter: Carl Rogers: The quiet revolutionary. An oral history 
Eugene Gendlin  Three Assertions About the Body  1993  The Folio 
Eugene Gendlin  On Emotion in Therapy  1991  Chapter: Emotion, psychotherapy and change 
Eugene Gendlin  The small steps of the therapy process: How they come and how to help them come  1990  Client-centered and experiential psychotherapy in the nineties 
Eugene Gendlin  A philosophical critique of the concept of narcissism: the significance of the awareness movement  1987  Pathologies of the modern self. Postmodern studies on narcissism, schizophrenia, and depression 
Eugene Gendlin  What comes after traditional psychotherapy research?  1986  American Psychologist 
Eugene Gendlin  The client's client: The edge of awareness  1984  Client-centered therapy and the person-centered approach. New directions in theory, research and practice 
Eugene Gendlin  Imagery is more powerful with focusing: Theory and practice  1980  Chapter: Imagery. Its many dimensions and applications 
Eugene Gendlin  Client-centered and experiential psychotherapy  1974  Chapter: Innovations in client-centered therapy 
Eugene Gendlin  Experiential psychotherapy  1973  Chapter: Current psychotherapies 
Eugene Gendlin  Therapeutic procedures with schizophrenic patients  1972  Chapter: he theory and practice of psychotherapy with specific disorders 
Eugene Gendlin; L Olsen  The use of imagery in experiential focusing  1970  Chapter: Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 
Cecil Patterson  Existentialism and disability  1965  Catholic Psychological Record 
Eugene Gendlin  Focusing  1969  Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 
Eugene Gendlin  Focusing ability in psychotherapy, personality and creativity  1968  Chapter: Research in psychotherapy 
Eugene Gendlin  The Experiential Response  1968  Chapter: Use of interpretation in treatment 
Eugene Gendlin  Existentialism and experiential psychotherapy  1966  Chapter: Existential child therapy 
Eugene Gendlin  A theory of personality change  1964  Chapter: Personality change 
Eugene Gendlin  Experiencing: A variable in the process of therapeutic change  1961  American Journal of Psychotherapy 
Katherine McGuire  Focusing inner child work with abused clients  1993  The focusing folio 
Marion Hendricks  An Experiential Version of Unconditional Positive Regard  2001  Chapter: Rogers' Therapeutic Conditions: Evolution, Theory and Practice. Volume 3. Unconditional Positive Regard  
Paul Wilkins  Unconditional positive regard reconsidered  2000  British Journal of Guidance & Counselling 
James Iberg  Unconditional positive regard, constituent activities  2001  Chapter: Rogers’ therapeutic conditions: Evolution, theory and practice 
Barbara Temaner Brodley  The non-directive attitude in client-centered therapy  1997  The person-centered journal 
Khatidja Chandler  From disconnection to connection: ‘Race’, gender and the politics of therapy  2005  British Journal of Guidance & Counselling 
William Stiles; Michael Barkham; John Mellor-Clark; Janice Connell  Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural, person-centred, and psychodynamic therapies in UK primary-care routine practice: replication in a larger sample (downloads file)  2007  Psychological Medicine  
Harlene Anderson  Postmodern collaborative and person-centred therapies: what would Carl rogers say?  2001  Journal of family therapy 
Maureen O’Hara  Cultivating Consciousness Carl R. Rogers’s Person-Centered Group Process as Transformative Androgogy  2003  Journal of Transformative Education 
Barbara Temaner Brodley  Criteria for making empathic responses in client-centred therapy  1998  The person-centred journal 
Mark Miller  Clients' recall and evaluation of the counselling process  1997  The Person-Centered Journal 
Jasvinder Singh; Keith Tudor  Cultural conditions of therapy  1997  The person-centred journal 
Kenneth Cissna; Rob Anderson  Carl Rogers in conversation with Martin Buber: a new analysis  1997  The Person-Centred Journal 
Norton Knopf  On gay couples  1992  The person-centred journal 
Jerold Bozarth  coterminous intermingling of doing and being in person-centred therapy  1992  The person-centred journal 
Eugene Gendlin; Fred Zimring  The qualities or dimension of experiencing and their change  1994  The person-centred journal 
Robert Barth; Ruth Sanford  Human science and the person-centred approach: an inquiry into the inner process of significant change within individuals  1994  The person-centered journal 
John wood; Estantia Jatoba    1994  The person-centred journal 
Vera Alves; Daniela Lima  The first steps in the process of becoming a psychotherapist under the reference of The Person-Centered Approach (downloads pdf)  2012  Revista Brasileira de Psicoterapia 


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